Mik’s Christmas Eve Extravaganza

I know everyone is SUPER busy with last minute Christmas errands, shopping, gatherings, etc. so thanks for stopping by the blog.

The train ride didn’t happen yesterday. Seems the train we were going to ride wasn’t running. So I went to Plan B. Which consisted of driving to downtown to see the gigantic Christmas tree (which Sweetie Boy thinks is 700 feet tall…and maybe it is!).

On the other side of the tree, was Santa Claus, his sleigh, and his elves. So I asked my kiddo if he wants to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas and this is his last opportunity to do that because it’s in TWO days. He says yes. We wait in line for 30 minutes. He chickens out! There was no way in Hades he was going to get up there and talk to him. Even the lady behind me tried to help. Tried to have her son go up there with him. No way. Nu Uh. It simply was NOT going to happen.

Ah well.

At least we got to see the big tree! We took some pictures next to and in front of it. There was even a bush in the shape of a longhorn and Sweetie Boy thought that was hilarious. We had to take pictures.

Afterward, he headed across the street to Starbucks. He had two shortbread cookies and hot cocoa and I had a latte. We thawed out (because the wind was kinda cold) and then headed back home.

I cooked dinner while he got some computer time in and then we went to see some Chrsitmas lights. Granted, the pictures AREN’T that great (because, how good could they be from inside a vehicle?) but I thought I’d share. See below.

We drove around for about an hour and even went to the “fancy and rich” part of town where nearly EVERY house in this very small neighborhood puts out lights. It’s a high traffic area. Lots and lots of folks going to see the lights. It’s known as Diamond Loch and it backs up against a golf course, so you know… these folks have cash. But they have GOT to get sick of the traffic going in and out (only one entrance/exit) to their little subdivision every year. Ah well. It only happens once a year, right?

The man is working today so I doubt seriously I will get to see him anytime soon. Which sucks. BUT at least we get to talk every day.

Anyhoo – enjoy the pics. And… One day until Christmas!

By Michelle

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