Minor Progress

Quote du Jour:
Indy: I’ve got something for you.
Willie: There’s nothing you have that I could possibly want.
–Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Well, I got about 2000 words yesterday on the contemporary. Not as much as I would have liked, but still got some words in. Finished up a major addition and then worked my way back to where I had left off. (I had to go back and add a scene or two.) Getting closer to finishing.

A friend of mine just sold another book. Congrats, girl! (I’ll make the formal announcement after she does, but she knows who she is. :wink:)

I’m thinking of getting the first three chapters of my contemporary polished up and sent off to the publisher of choice. I need to write a synopsis (EGAD) so I think I’ll work on that today since I know how it’s going to end now. (Sort of)

Somehow, I got roped into doing a golf tourney tomorrow. One of the volunteers backed out at the last minute and I agreed (urgh) to fill in to help at registration, take pictures, that sort of thing. This means that (a) I will be in the heat most of the day and (b) I will not have access to a computer all day. I will be stark raving mad by the time I get home. It should prove to be a busy day because I have to leave early from the tourney to take my son for his 4-yr check up. Directly after that, it’s off to the airport to pick up husband. I might get home around 7 if I’m lucky.

Last night I watched Dracula 2000 with (you guessed it) Gerard Butler. Not a great movie and I’m so not a horror flick kinda girl so I fast-forwarded through all the parts he WASN’T in. But.. oooohhh.. he is so gorgeous in that movie.

On another note, I won two auctions for two keychains sporting the handsome Mr. Butler.

What can I say. It’s a sickness.

The office is going through a renovation. The walls have been painted these random colors. Some are blue, some are gold (sorry.. ochre), some are pale gray. Still some are green. And not a nice soothing green. It’s like Christmas green. Ew. Would you want to look at a Christmas green accent wall in your office? I think I’d get some red tinsel and hang it from the ceiling if it were my office. Then it could be festive.

We’re getting new carpet, too, and they’re auctioning off a bunch of old furniture. I found out yesterday the Powers That Be have decided to auction off a shelving unit that hosts most of our marketing stuff. What am I supposed to do with all that crap that’s in there? Throw it on the floor? I have a idea. How about I stack it all in YOUR offices?

THEN, I hear the same Powers That Be want to put a door over the “executive” print room, which just happens to house marketing’s color printer, the black and white printer, the copier, the computer where we burn all our CDs, etc. The reasoning behind this is that “someone might see it.” Like, um, who? God forbid some unknown person see our printers. And then we get the “well, it’s messy” excuse because we have reams of paper stacked up on the shelves. It’s a PRINT ROOM, folks. We’re supposed to have reams of paper (last time I checked) for the printers and copier.

Here’s a thought. How about I get some love beads and hang from the ceiling to cover the doorway? Maybe a disco ball to liven things up.

I love these decision makers who don’t think about anything else but what they want and what they think will work. They never consult Those That Actually Work In That Area.

Ah well. I guess that’s what happens when you work with a bunch of engineers. All they have is a big fancy degree and no common sense. (Was that out loud?)

And now for your Shakespearean insult of the day: Thou lumpish ill-breeding pignut!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.