Monday Monday

Song of the Day: I Think I Love You by the Patridge Family

So here it is, Monday again. My how time flies. And much to my horror this week will bring in the last and final month of this year.

Where does the time go? Why does it go so fast? And how the bloody hell can I slow it down?

I was productive this weekend. Well, Saturday and Sunday anyway. Chairs are finished. Take a look here.

And of course, what’s a completed chair without a hambone?

Aw, he’s cute. I love to kiss those little cheekies.

Husband took on a project, as well. The hot water heater to the house resides in the garage and it takes about 230498 minutes to get the water hot in the kitchen. So, bless him, he decided to put in an Insta-Hot. Try more like a Insta-Not. He was so disgusted the thing didn’t work, he ripped it out and took it back. Bought a mini hot water heater instead. After plumbing, cursing, and electrical work, the disposer and hot water works beautifully. I turn the tap on and instantly get scalding water. It’s fantastic. (No really, it is!)

My hands are all beat up from the recovering project. I managed to take a very large hunk out of my forefinger on my left hand. Gushed blood and freaked out Sweetie Boy. The cutie was so empathetic he cried FOR me. Aw. My right hand hosts blisters and sore sports from the staple gun. My knuckles are raw from scraping them on the rough wood of the chair bottom. But it was well worth it.

Then I cleaned out the front living room in preparation of the massive tree which has yet to come down from the attic. Not sure either one of us are excited about getting that ginormous pain-in-the-ass tree down. It’s always a challenge. But the room is ready and the floor is somewhat swept.

What else did I do? Oh, I went shoe shopping. Yes, I was totally selfish and bought three new pairs of shoes. But DSW was having a great promotion – get double reward points! So naturally I had to take advantage of that because I dying to get my next $25 gift certificate. I love they pay me to spend money in their store. It rocks.

Busy day today. I’m inching closer to that deadline. Thank goodness.

By Michelle

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