Why is it Monday already? The weekend went way too fast! And this is going to be a super busy week for me at the office.

By the way, I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ, so please check it out.

Yesterday was a good day. Kind of relaxing. The baby and I didn’t do much of anything. Went to the grocery store and then got home, had lunch. He was feeling fine all day so I guess the little bug he had is all gone. Then we headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond and I bought a new rug for my kitchen. I just had to have it – it was coffee themed! My coffee themed kitchen is coming along! I think this next weekend, if I get ambitious enough, I’m going to paint the kitchen.

We played outside in the backyard and the mosquitos were awful. My legs are covered in bites now. Not too happy about that. I actually cooked a pork roast and it came out pretty good. After dinner, to get the baby to wind down, I put in a movie and let him watch it while I did some things in the office I needed to do. Like write email and blog over at ShoeIQ. Then I put him in the tub, washed his hair, and got him ready for bed. I had him down by 8:30 and he was out by 8:45. I guess the little guy was pooped out.

All in all it was a nice weekend. I’m just sad it’s over with.

And now I need :coffee:

By Michelle

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