Quote du Jour:
“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.”
Office Space

Totally late blogging since the ‘net was down most of the day today. Seems the router was having some trouble.


And now back to your regularly scheduled blog…

Geez, I hate Mondays. I don’t know why I hate them so bad, but I do. I suppose it’s the thought of having to start all over again with another long week.

Saturday night we took the sweetie boy to play miniature golf for the first time. He was so incredibly cute, too. When he couldn’t get the ball in the hole like he wanted, he’d pick it up and move it about two inches from it and then give it a good whack to get it in the hole. Then he’d cheer for himself. And what’s even more incredible – he got TWO hole in ones (or is it holes in one…?). He really had a great time. Didn’t get frustrated at all. At one point, he said to me, “Mom, I really like this game.” Cute cute cute. He also told me he was a really good winner.

Kids. They are something else, aren’t they?

On Sunday, I helped a good friend tweak her overhauled blog. It seems to be a disease lately with redesigning blogs – and truthfully I got the idea from her. When I saw this theme, I thought how bold and different it was for me. Anyway, check out Sandy’s new blog design here.

And what’s a Sunday afternoon without Starbucks? Of course we went! I had my regular – grande vanilla latte. I swear it’s heaven in a cup.

Watched Desperate Housewives last night and I can’t believe it ended sad again! Two weeks in a row. Still completely sucked into Grey’s Anatomy. I want Meredith and Derek to get back together. He needs to get rid of his bitchy wife. And I loved the part where Bailey tells the chief she’s pregnant, carrying a boy, and the statistic that carrying boys makes you burn 10 percent more calories. Her comment that “You men start sucking the life out of us right from the start” (I’m paraphrasing) cracked me up.

And here’s a horrifying realization – NEXT WEEK is Thanksgiving! Hello. When did that happen? That means there are not very many more days until Christmas. HEY, I have three gifts bought at least. But none for my immediate family. 😆 I have no idea what to get my own child for Christmas. At least Husband can tell me exactly what he wants. I haven’t even really thought about what I want and in fact I told my husband last night I didn’t want anything and not to buy me anything (especially NOT a can opener, honey, if you’re reading this…I really DON’T want a can opener for Christmas. Save that for another day). So perhaps I need to start thinking about it.

By Michelle

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