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Shoe Quote of the Day: 
With his world of fantasy, rich detail, and extraordinary imagination, he destroyed the whole idea that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Manolo Blahnik’s shoes are. 
–Andre Leon Talley, editor at large, Vogue

Yesterday was a complete lazy day for me. It was great, though. I needed it to recharge. I went to the grocery store and spent way too much money. I thought about getting a new water dish for the cat, but nixed the idea when I spent $30 more than I usually do at the store. :dead:  After wandering around the house for a while and doing some laundry, I finally turned on my XM tunes and sat down at the computer. I spent the rest of the day there doing a final run through for Ransom & Fortune Volume 1. 

Oh, wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up a little. After Inara Press announced the closing of their doors, I wondered what would happen with Ransom & Fortune. I didn’t have to wait long. Samhain has offered to publish my favorite serial in a two-book format. 

I received the contract yesterday, signed it, and put it in the mail last night. So now it’s all official and I feel like I can really talk about it. There is a slight possibility that I’ll be able to keep my artwork, but we’ll see. Samhain has their own staff of artists and they may want to use their own. There are other things in the works, but I’ll announce them in the coming weeks. :grin:  Okay, back to what I was saying. I spent the entire afternoon and evening reading through Ransom & Fortune Volume 1. This story will incorporate the original first and second season of the serial that was planned through Inara Press. I’ve divided the book into two parts: Part 1: Highland Fling is about their time travel to Scotland and Part 2: Dead of Winter is about their time travel to the futuristic Ice Age. 

So I need a title for the book. Actually, a subtitle. It will be called “The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune” but I need a subtitle.  Here’s what I’m proposing. Starting today, I’m running a contest to name my book. Post your idea in the comment sections of the blog all week. If I pick your name, then I’ll use YOUR name for a character in Book 2. How does that sound? 

Tell everyone you know! Spread the word! And help me name my book!  Okay that’s it for me.  


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