More Rain

I swear, I think we’re going to drown this summer. It’s certainly been a wet one! And just when I was thinking I would only have to mow about once a month. HA! Was I wrong. I actually have to do it about once a week. Damn rain.

It’s okay though I guess. Keeps the yard lush and green. Even hough I wish it would die so I wouldn’t have to mow and fight with the weedeater.

Long day today. Tired. Had some interesting news in a developing situation that’s been going on for a while. Looks like I am closer to a final decision which is good but more on that later.

The DSL is still giving me fits. I don’t know if it’s all this rain or what but I’m really damn tired of it. I just want it to work like it’s supposed to dammit. I’m seriously considering switching to cable modem, but then my email address will change and that always sucks. Dammit.

Drove home in a torrential downpour – and I mean torrential. I could hardly see through the windshield much less three feet in front of me. I hated it. But I got from Point A to Point B with no problems…and on gas fumes to boot. I made it home though and got gas with the Sweetie Boy who read his Spiderman comic book in the back seat. Aloud. My gosh it was cute.

I started back working on MAGIC and it felt good. I know what’s wrong with the first chapter FINALLY. Hell it only took me five years. Anyway. It definitely needs more internal from my heroine. There’s a lot of action and dialogue but not much else. So I was glad to get that epiphany. I’m just going to keep on keeping on with that book.

I still expect edits back for BREAK and I should be starting NICE GIRLS DO very soon too. It’ll be nice to get back to true smut.

And you’re right, Dev. I do need a vacation – I’m thinking Vegas, baby, Vegas! Brother and Best Good Friend want to go too. Now if I could just convince The Man to go, it’ll all be good…

Anyhoo. I think I’m going to start blogging at night these days. That way I can wrap up my day and all you folks can read it the next morning. 🙂 I have a raging headache and neck pain from sleeping wonky last night. So it’s off to have a glass of wine and a nice hot pad for the neck. And then I’m off to bed to read Candace Haven’s book.

Suddenly…the fatigue just hit me!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.