More Storms

We had another round of severe thunderstorms last night. Most of the heavy bad stuff was to the north and south of me but I did get heavy rain and lots of wind. I’m hearing reports on the radio that a lot of folks are still without power and there are lots of downed tree limbs. I was lucky. This has been a really tumultuous Springs. We’re due for more rain today, but nothing severe.

I watched the radar last night and cursed it because I was supposed to go see The Man. Damn rain. 😀 I ended up going anyway when most of the real nasty stuff passed by. I did hit a few high water places, which was kinda scary and made my little heart pound. I must really really like him to drive through a tortential downpour and high water. It sort of puts new meaning to the term “come hell or high water” doesn’t it? heh

I got home about 9:45 and was beat so I just went to bed. I missed LOST (no spoilers please!) and will be watching it tonight I hope. After Grey’s that is!

I’m still tired this morning. I had a hard time getting up. And now I need coffee…

By Michelle

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