Movie Night Marathon

Quote du Jour:
“Darling, nothing is final ’til you’re dead, and even then, I’m sure God negotiates.”
–Baroness de Ghent, Ever After


We stopped at McDonald’s for dinner because I just couldn’t bear the thought of cooking. I guess that makes me a bad mom. 😀

It was a movie marathon last night. We started with the movie Garfield. Not a great flick, but the kiddo likes it. He thinks the dog is funny (he calls the dog Pony instead of Odie…it’s cute).

Afterwards, while he drew with map pencils, I started watching Ever After. I needed some new inspiration for my jousting novel. Not that this movie has jousting, but it has a great market scene and the masque, two things of which I needed to see to get a feel for (even though the movie is set two centuries later than my novel…still okay, I can work out the details later). Finished the movie, checked on my son, checked my email, and then back downstairs.

It was ten and I wasn’t even sleepy. So I started watching the movie Timeline. Now, this isn’t really all that great either, but Gerard Butler is absolutely dreamy in it. I love his accent and he has the most gorgeous eyes. AND the movie is set in the same year as my novel – 1357 (in France and mine is set in England… much later in the year.) So it was nice to get a feel for the era.

So by the time midnight rolls around, I stumble off the couch and to the bedroom. Thinking I’d go to sleep right away, I climb into bed.

Wrong. I tossed and turned for another hour.

So you’d think I’d be all sleepy and tired today. But, surprisingly, I feel rather chippy. (Is that a word?) It might have something to do with that venti vanilla latte I stopped and splurged on this morning. And my son (who is nearly four) asked for a green tea frappacino. He loves ‘em. DH will be beside himself when he sees I spent $7 at Starbucks this morning. Oh well! He’ll get over it. I get a paycheck too.

I didn’t get any required writing done yesterday. Nothing on the serials at all and only a few words on the jousting novel.

I did start something new though. Wrote about three pages. I had been kicking around a new idea for a fantasy trilogy about dragons. I figured I needed to work on something else just to break it up a bit. I’m going to get back on the jousting novel today though. I have some fresh ideas for that.

As far as the dragon stories…they’ll simmer for a while. I’m going to jot some ideas down as I think of them and just kind of see where it goes.

And.. another congrats is in order: Congratulations to Ashley Kath-Bilsky! She is the winner of the overall unpublished category in the prestigious Daphne du Maurier contest with her historical! Congrats, girl! I’m happy for you!

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