Coming Attractions

Listened to my lute music most of the day today. That at the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean (can’t wait for Dead Man’s Chest!).

I’m interested in seeing the new movie with Orlando Bloom, Kingdom of Heaven. I’ll probably wait until DVD to see it. I totally love those types of movies. A friend recommended 13th Warrior, so I’ll need to go hunt that down and get it. Also, very excited about this upcoming movie: Beowulf and Grendel. According to IMDB, it is being released in Canada, the UK, and Iceland. Surely they will release it in the US! I hope. The costumes are pretty amazing and there’s even a blog on the site that gives updates on production. Very cool.

Yesterday I got sidetracked with revising (yet again) the first chapter of the novel. I actually combined two different beginnings, merged lots of action. I’m trying to decide how to introduce the hero. It just simply won’t do having my heroine meet him in chapter 37 (or some-such nonsense). If I’m going to market this as a romance, they need to meet within the first three chapters, or even the first 30 pages. I thought at first I would market it as a fantasy, but I’ve decided to combine the two genres. Anyway, with some rewriting, I think I can get there easily.

Must work on the serials this evening. I’m still not ahead. I’m beginning to think I never will be. I need to crank out an issue of each tonight, tomorrow and the next day. The pre-conference dinner is Friday and I’ll need to bake that cheesecake sometime or another. Looking forward to the conference on Saturday, but I need a pair of shoes to go with the dress I’m wearing. (Ah shucks.. I have to buy a pair of shoes). I have a $25 reward certificate from DSW I can use, so I stopped by this evening. I didn’t find what I was looking for, sadly.

Well…off to work on the serials. I need an issue of both done by tomorrow. At least, that’s the goal.

By Michelle

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