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Progress Update: Not much since I was busy yesterday with the door install and evenings are taken up by the contest

Yesterday morning, I woke up with some chatter in my head. Sometimes that’s not a good thing but in this case, I actually worked out some important backstory for the new sci-fi story. It’s the one where I need an ancient South American culture. I know, you think that’s weird to incororporate an ancient South American culture in a science fiction action/adventure story. I assure you, there’s a very good reason.

Thanks, Devon, for the tips! I will check them out and see what I can find. I don’t want to go to them until I have more concrete information and solid questions. Don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing. 🙂

I also figured out a better ending, whick really works for the story and the characters. I’m excited to get started. However, it feels like this contemporary is dragging on and on forever. Like I can’t get to the end. And then I have the revision stage. Right now, I’m just spitting it out along the way.

The new storm door was installed yesterday and it’s awesome. I love it. And what a difference it makes. I’m hoping it will help on the electric bill. Makes me want to get a new one installed on the back, now! And new windows… I have big deals and a pauper’s budget. 😀

The contest is taking up WAY too much of my time. It turns out my emails never made it to some of the judges which ticks me off. I blame it on effing Outlook. So I’m scrambling and trying desperately to get all these entries judged and back to me by Monday so I can get them out to the final judges. Stress. Once I get them out to the final judges, then I have to deal with getting all the non-finalists stuff out. I can knock it out in an afternoon. It just takes TIME. And time is precious these days.

Oh well. At least no soccer games this weekend. I can’t believe it’s about to be April!

By Michelle

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