#MySexySaturday, Week 40: A Knight Like No Other


A Knight Like No OtherHello, beautiful readers! It’s TIME for another edition of My Sexy Saturday! This sexy seven paragraph snippet comes from my current release, A Knight Like No Other, the fourth book in the Realm of Honor fantasy romance series.

In this scene, Drake, the human knight, is meeting with the Elven princess, Sobriel in secret. Their romance is forbidden in her culture but he has to see her one last time and bestow upon her a gift–a pendant with a fire crystal. Hope you enjoy!

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“It is a gift for you, my sweet princess. Will you wear it?”

But she was already slipping it over her neck. The length of the chain was long enough to allow the jewel to hang between her perfect breasts. He stifled a groan.

“Always. Forever. Until I take my last breath.” Her gaze meet his, those blue eyes sparkling with admiration. “Thank you, my lord.”

“Drake.” He took her hand in his, his lips grazing her knuckles. “If I’m to have your name, then you must call me Drake.”

“Aye, Drake. As you wish.”

She opened her palm and flattened it against his bearded cheek. He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of her soft skin.

“I will cherish it, always,” she said.

By Michelle

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