Mucho Java

And boy do I need it today. We got up early this morning – four fricking thirty in the morning dangit – because DH had to go back to Baltimore. UGH. I hope this is the last time we have to do this song and dance. Anyway, we got ready and schlepped to the airport to a chorus of yawns. All of us.

The airport was surprisingly calm. Mostly business travelers on their way to wherever. You can always tell the business travelers because they’re dressed in business attire (duh) , carry a laptop, and know their way around an airport. They’re the ones who use the self check-in usually. The line at security was fine. DH got through quickly. We waved goodbye at the checkpoint and headed out to the car.

I really wanted to stop at Starbucks this morning, but I didn’t give in to the urge. Then I had the urge for Chick Fil A (MMmMM a chicken biscuit.. yum..) but didn’t give in to that either. Instead, I arrived at the office at 7:30 this morning and was the only one in my corner of the world. Always like that. I got another issue finished for Scars and off to the editor. Still writing the current weeks issues, but at least I’m getting them in.

Started another issue for Ransom & Fortune. I actually thought about the storyline last night before drifting off to sleep. I know where I want to go with it, I just gotta get there.

When I got bored with that, I floated over to a friend’s manuscript. I’m reading her paranormal and WOW I really like it. It’s fantastic.

I guess I have a short attention span, because now I’m writing this entry. That’s what works best for me. I’ll write a partial issue of one serial and then go to the other serial and write a partial issue. Then I’ll go back, then I’ll work on a really bad new WIP, then back to the serial. I just can’t focus on one thing at a time lately. I guess whatever works!

Also got a whim on my old ms. and decided to go back to the original version with some tweaks. I read the prologue and part of the first chapter and I like where it’s headed.

Tomorrow I’m going to submit that short story and see what happens. The market I have in mind is actually a paying one.

Got my subscription to XM Radio all set up. I totally dig their alternative rock stations. So far, I love Squizz – it’s awesome! I listened to about four different stations on the way home – jazz, hard alternative, classical, and reggae. Tomorrow I will figure out the ones I really like and get them preset. Radio in this town used to be pretty decent but now it just sucks.

Anyway, enough babble. I’m off to work on … something!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.