Murder at the Book Signing – Reminder!

It’s coming – and it’s going to be a hoot!

Join Shot In The Dark Mystery Games, The Romance Galleria, and me, Michelle Miles, for a night of virtual mystery! If you’ve ever wanted to play a murder mystery game from the comfort of your computer chair, this is the event for you!

On Saturday, April 14, 2007 at 8 pm EST, people from all over the world will meet in The Romance Galleria to play the newest Shot In The Dark Mysteries murder mystery game, Murder at the Book Signing, and you can be a part of this thrilling event!

The Venue:
Murder at the Book Signing is taking place at The Romance Galleria. The Romance Galleria is a chat room, a bookstore, a theater, a forum…and so much more. Discover a virtual world like no other in the romance industry. No other community can come close to offering an expansive virtual environment or real time interactions like the Romance Galleria. Murder at the Book Signing is taking place at this state of the art facility, where you assume a virtual version of yourself (AKA an avatar) and mingle with other players, all from the comfort of your own home.

The Storyline:
Romance author, Michelle Miles, is kicking off her book tour and her fans are eager to meet her. Miles’ best-selling novel, A Bend In Time, has established a cult following, and her fans are eagerly awaiting the second book in the Adventures of Ransom and Fortune, A Break In Time. But when Miles’ agent is found dead, the suspect list begins to grow, and fans and authors alike are held to determine who committed the Murder at the Book Signing.

The Featured Author:
Michelle Miles writes in several genres but finds she enjoys creating other worlds best of all. In addition to working full time, she has numerous projects underway.

Her time travel adventure, formerly a serial with Inara Press, has been released in novel length from Samhain Publishing. The first book, which encompasses the first and second seasons of the serial, has a new name: A Bend In Time. Look for it in print later this spring!

The Murder Mystery Game creator:
Shot In The Dark Mystery Games creates and sells murder mystery games for kids and adults in a variety of genres. Mystery game kits are the perfect way to spice up your next get-together! Visit us online and chat it up in our forum, buy a game and sign up for our ezine!

The Murder at the Book Signing Characters:
Michelle Miles – The Author:
Michelle Miles is an exciting new addition to the best-seller list, giving readers a break from the pontificating memoirs of late and helping them slip into the thrills of adventure. Michelle has been writing for years, and the success of the first book in the Adventures of Ransom and Fortune series, A Bend In Time, is no surprise to her long-standing die-hard fans.

Fletcher Flemming – Michelle Miles’ Publisher
Angel DiTosto – The Agent’s Mistress
Risto Rasmussen – The President of the Ransom and Fortune Fan Club
Sonia Sparrow – Michelle’s Close Friend
Sophia Bernesque – The Rival Author
Sally Mustard – The Romance Galleria Event Coordinator
Horrace Halliday – An As-Yet Unpublished Author

The Fans:
Marilyn Paradise
Ian Kirstofferson
Rose Seabrook
Ross Westcott
Vivaine Vincente
Germain Leblanc
Brenda Calhoun

In addition to the murder, attendees must also use their sleuthing skills to determine the identify of Michelle’s stalker! It’s two mysteries in one!

Tickets to the event are $10 (US). Don’t want to play a character? You can still attend the event and solve the mystery. Spots are limited, so sign up now for a great night of fun, murder and mystery! To learn more and sign up, visit Shot In The Dark Mysteries.

The person to solve the murder will receive the “Ransom & Fortune Survival Kit” prize pack as well as a signed copy of the book. The person to solve the identity if the stalker will also receive a signed copy of the book. Every attendee will be entered in a drawing for a copy of the book as well as other door prizes from Shot In The Dark Mysteries.  So, there are lots of chances to win COOL prizes. Come on out and play.

Get Your Murder On…

By Michelle

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