Murphy’s Law, Road Trips and Stupid People

We had a busy/weird weekend. Lots of errands to get done as we’re leaving for our vacation today. We’re headed to the Davis Mountains, McDonald Observatory and Carlsbad Caverns. It’s our very first family vacation.

But the weekend was weird for a couple of reasons. Saturday morning, Man took the car to get it road-ready. Oil change, tires checked, all that stuff. He gets home and we start our errands for the day. About thirty minutes in, the AC stops working. It was only 108 degrees Saturday. We take it by a place to get checked out. The bad news is the compressor is probably dead and needs to be replaced. The worse news is it will cost somewhere between $700 and $1200. And of course no one can fix it on a late Saturday afternoon. 😐 Very unhappy with my car right now.

So for the rest of the weekend I had these wonderful fantasies about driving it off a cliff. Or perhaps shooting it with a shotgun and then setting it on fire. 😀 Of course none of these things are going to happen as we’ll be driving west with no AC. Thankfully, it will be a high in the 80s for the day and 60s at night. Glorious! I figure we’ll just deal with the AC when we get home. Maybe I’ll get it fixed. Maybe I’ll just set it on fire. 😀

Murphy’s Law: When you’re about to go out of town, the AC will die and you will suffer.

One of the errands we had to do was a stop at Target. I pull into the parking lot next to a white van. Husband gets out and it’s taking me a minute because I’m putting the shade up in the windshield (I did mention it was 108 Saturday?). As I get out of the car, Husband points to the van next to us. He says there’s a kid in there younger than my son (who is 10) and the van is running. WTF? No parent or other adult in sight.

We walk up to the store and he flags down the guys doing the cart return. We tell them what’s going and they say either they can call the cops or we can. He tells me and the kiddo to go on inside while he goes back to the van to wait for the parent to show up. In the meantime, he calls 911. As he’s talking to the operator, the woman shows up and he chews her out. Asks her if she’s out of her mind. Her response? “I was only in there a minute.”

Bitch! Anything could have happened to that kid. The car could have gotten jacked (because as I mentioned, the engine was still running). The kid could have died because it was 108 degrees outside. What if the car stopped running? What if it had overheated? WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? I hope the cops made a visit to her house that day. Of course, we never heard what happened but if you ask me, that woman does not deserve to be a parent. It just…blows my mind someone would do that.

Anyway…later that night, we went to a lovely wedding shower for a friend of mine at this really cool place in Dallas called DISH. We liked it and hope we can go back someday. Oh, and the appletinis were divine. 😉

Sunday was all about more errands, laundry, cleaning house and BBQ. Oh and packing.

I have two guests at the blog this week, so be sure and come back tomorrow and Thursday. In the meantime, we’ll be off having some fun.

By Michelle

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