My Coach #Handbag Addiction

coachbagI love Coach. I have long coveted them. But it wasn’t until I divorced back in 2006 that I splurged and allowed myself to purchase my very first bag.

It was a total high. I was instantly besotted by the lovely handbags.

Over the course of the next few years, I purchased more. I became such a regular at the Coach store in the mall they knew me by name. I started getting their Preferred Customer Event cards – 25% off the total purchase. I was a junkie – with the promise of 25% off dangled in front of me, I could not resist.

But as I started to realize how much debt I had, I knew I had to put my shopping on hiatus. So for two long years, I refused to even step foot in the store. Oh, sure, I’d pass by and look longingly into the windows. Drool a little. Then weep a little for the loss of shopping.

This year, when the new Spring line came out, I salivated. Plus I got a PCE card. Which meant I couldn’t…stop…myself. I had no more strength. I snapped. I walked into that store the weekend before the event started and talked to a lovely sales associate. I picked up the bag off the display, opened it and…sniffed. I couldn’t help myself. She laughed. She said there was nothing better than the smell of a new Coach bag. I told her I had the PCE card and I would be back. Mind you the husband and kid were shopping elsewhere in the mall while I was in the store sniffing and patting the Coach. (My current husband doesn’t care if I buy them…I mean, he cares but he understands the addiction.)

She happily put the bag on hold for me and told me it would be ready and waiting for me when I returned to the store the following weekend. The second day of the event, I hurried back and snapped up the Madison Phoebe in red. LOOK at it. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

It’s gorgeous.

The first thing I did after removing all the stuffing was stick my head in it and sniff it.  Yes, I’m a weirdo. But the sales lady was right. There is NOTHING better than the smell of a new Coach handbag. And it smells GREAT. That Coach smell is the best. I don’t know how to describe it.

For the moment, my Coach need is sated.

I’m sure I’ll have another need come Fall.

What’s your weakness?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.