My goofy kid

This weekend, my child managed to come up with some sayings that cracked us all up. Upon arriving at Brother’s, he was very interested in the computer and the mics and headphones we had set up to record The Collective You. He walked right up to my brother and said, “I want to throw some questions out.”

And then later when we were coming back from dinner, the kids were in the back seat and sis-in-law was riding with me. We hear him talking to Niece #2 and he says, “You are so cracking me out the side of my brain.”

We died laughing. Where does he get this stuff? And he recognizes comedic timing and sarcasm. And he’s 4! He’ll be 5 at the end of August.

Then last night, as I was cooking dinner and the cat was laying in one end of the kitchen trying to stay away from him (he runs away usually), Sweetie Boy is standing there holding a pretend mic and says, “Hi, this is cat news.” And he walks toward the cat. “Can you tell me how it feels to be at the pet store?” And he tolds the pretend mic down to the cat. Then he turns to me, holds the pretend mic to me, and asks me something but I was so beside myself with laughter I couldn’t hear the question.

So when I took him home to his dad, I was telling him about the Cat News segment and my child was giving the fakest laugh possible. As if he KNEW it was already funny. *shaking head*

I have no idea where he gets his sarcastic outlook. 😉

By Michelle

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