My #RWA14 Conference Experience

I’m fresh off the RWA annual conference and home from San Antonio. It was nice to have a conference in my home state. I managed to drag my husband for the first time.

First things first: Mexican food.


After traveling all day , we stopped in at Rio Rio on the Riverwalk. I had some of the best street tacos. I loved them. They were gone in an instant. They were small and totally delicious. We got to the hotel a day early so we’d have some time to hang out together before conference madness. It was great! We HAD to visit the Alamo because that’s what you do when you go to San Antonio.


We’ve been there a dozen times in our lives but it never gets old. And it was HOT. Can you tell? Next stop: Casa Rio for more Mexican food.


I love flautas. Probably some of my most favorite. Heck, I could eat Mexican every single day. And look at that yummy goodness. It was really good. Also on the Riverwalk.

Then Wednesday night kicked off the conference with the literacy signing–RWA donates a portion of sales to literacy. We raised over $53,000! Isn’t that incredible? Here are a few pics of my friends from the signing. There were over 500 authors signing. It was loud and amazing and awesome. The husband bought books and actually had a great time.


Here’s the fabulous Barb Han signing a book for my mom:


Fellow Plotting Princess, Sylvia McDaniel:


Me and the super awesome Elizabeth Essex:


Patience Griffin signing her debut novel, To Scotland With Love:


The very talented Addison Fox:


AND last but not least, I had the chance to meet Jill Shalvis:


Sorry for the blurry pictures. My iPhone didn’t like the lighting in the big room.

I also took more selfies.

Me and Karilyn Bently:


Me and Vicki Batman:


Me and Barb Han:


I even managed to get one with me and the hubby!


YES. I wore the hat everywhere. And boots. I’m a native. I can do that sort of thing. 😉

And I leave you with this. A margarita on the Riverwalk from County Line BBQ:


By Michelle

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