My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek35 – Feb 8, 2014


Hello, beautiful readers! It’s time for another edition of My Sexy Saturday, Week 35! Today’s sexy snippet comes from the third novella in the Guardians of Atlantis series, Ravishing Helene. Get the entire box set on February 14 in print or ebook! Available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo and other fine e-retailers.


He moved with such lightning speed she didn’t have time to react. His arm came up against her chest as he shoved her with brute force against the wall, pressing all his weight on her. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared, wide-eyed, into his dark eyes. She could see the flames of fury quickly change into flames of desire. She couldn’t help it—she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. His lips parted in a snarl as though trying to keep from kissing her.

“Go ahead. You know you want to.”

She couldn’t help but taunt him. He hadn’t moved an inch yet she could see the pounding vein standing out in the side of his neck. He emitted a low growl deep in his throat. Feeling the rumble through him sent wet heat to her core. Damn him. How had he managed to arouse her so much? Her gaze flickered from his eyes to his mouth. Perfectly shaped lips the color of cinnamon. His bottom lip had a slight indention in it and she had a sudden curiosity. What would he taste like? What would those lips feel like on hers? Would he kiss her with the wild passion she saw skittering through his eyes? Or something slower and softer?

“Kiss me, Raven.”

Her heart picked up the pace, throbbing madly against his chest and arm. Indecision flickered through his eyes but only for a moment before he crushed his mouth to hers. Oh, gods, yes that was exactly what she wanted. Wild. Passionate. Reckless. Their mouths devoured each other’s as though they couldn’t get enough. She couldn’t get enough.

His tongue dueled with hers in a frenzied pace. Each one trying to control the other. Raven would never allow her to control him but she tried. Oh, how she tried as she kissed him back like she had never kissed another. He had ignited some deep-fiery fervor inside her no one had ever come close to. Not even her husband.

Before she could think, her hands were in the long lengths of his hair. Silky strands like she never expected. Soft. So soft. She fisted the strands in both hands as she kissed him back, unable to stop the moan of sheer pleasure erupting from her throat.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.