My Sexy Saturday for June 15, 2013


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! I hope you’re enjoying the sexy blog hop today. Here’s my seven paragraphs from my fantasy romance, PHOENIX FIRE about a gladiatrix and her assassin lover:

Before she could react, his lips brushed hers, tasting her. He paused and their gazes locked, the gold-rims in his hazel eyes expanding with his desire. She didn’t stop him. His head dipped again, slowly, and his lips touched hers. Gently at first, barely making contact. Her mouth parted ever so slightly and his lips melded with hers, their breath mingling. Her heart rumbling around her chest as though in a hollow drum.

And despite her earlier anger at him, the charred emotions scattered, a thousand pieces fluttering to her feet. Desire and want and need replaced her rage and anger and fury.

Her hands flattened against his chest, feeling the thick muscles and his heart pounding beneath the rough material. In that moment, everything around them disappeared and the only thing that mattered was Cassius. Nothing and no one else, not the Emperor and his cursed Empire, not Valerius, not the red-cloaked messenger who called her to the Games. Her knees threatened to buckle. Good thing the wall still held her up on her feet.

He slid an arm around Elena’s waist, pulling her closer, while the other cupped the back of her head, cradling her. Cassius deepened the kiss, making her catch her breath. And there they stood, two wounded souls taking comfort in each other’s arms. Time stood still.

He pressed against her and she could feel the lean muscles, the hard lines of his body. Heat radiated from his skin through her fingertips, washing over her from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes, enveloping her completely.

Cassius released her quickly then, as though he ripped a warm blanket from her limbs and left her empty and cold. Her lips still throbbed with the aftermath of his and she resisted the urge to reach up and brush her fingertips over them. Her body still pulsed with his warmth and she shoved aside the desire that wanted to swarm through her. She couldn’t allow the pleasure.

Elena blinked, trying to focus and forget the kiss. Not so easy, she knew. He dragged his hand through his thick black hair. She heard him huff out a long shuddering breath before clearing his throat.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.