My Thoughts on Katrina

I haven’t blogged about this yet because I had no words. I just couldn’t put it down how I felt about it all. But now it’s time.

First of all, looters need to be shot. If you’re looting for things to sustain life, that’s one thing. If you’re looting for big screen television sets and other frivolous things, you should be shot on sight. Aren’t people going through enough without having the rest of their belongings pillaged? Isn’t that one of the oldest crimes in the book?

I Challenge Thee
Yesterday as we were watching the Katrina disaster continue to unfold, my husband and I got to talking about what we, as individuals can do to help the efforts. We’re planning on donating blood, but really, it’s not that much. Two pints of blood won’t go far.

So as we’re having this discussion, my husband mentions to me the Texas Rangers baseball club donated $10,000 to the relief fund. My first reaction: HUH? How can a club who pays their employees (aka players) millions only donate a measly $10,000? How disgraceful. How insulting.

There are millions of people, folks, who are homeless. Shoeless. Have nothing but the clothes on their backs. No food. No water. And they think $10 grand is going to put a dent in that?

Also, where is the international relief? Where are our Allies offering help? (Thank you, Canada!) Where is the UK? Of course, I would expect no help from pitiful France (this just in: France raises terror alert from Run to Hide). When the tsunami happened, the US was there for the World. Now where is the World for the US?

The destruction in New Orleans is devastating. With 80 percent – EIGHTY PERCENT – of the city underwater, cleanup is going to be long and hard. Getting peoples homes rebuilt will be a long task. Looking at the pictures coming through the news wrenches my heart. I can’t imagine leaving one day with the clothes on my back and coming back to a total loss. Or not being able to get back at all. Being told to just get out. Or losing loved ones in the aftermath. I just can’t grasp what that would be like because I’ve never lived through a disaster like that. Sure, we’ve had close calls with tornados. But nothing – NOTHING – like Katrina.

It’s a reminder at how fragile our lives really are. How in one moment, things can change so drastically they may never be the same. How we should cherish every minute we have in this life and never waste it.

But, I digress…

So, in thinking about the shameful donation of only $10,000, I wondered if there were people out there with bigger hearts. I’m throwing down the gauntlet to see how many, if any, will accept the challenge.

I challenge every sports figure – whether they are hockey, baseball, football, NASCAR, basketball, whatever – to donate at least ONE DAY’S PAY to your fund of choice – either the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity. Donate your money to the relief efforts to help Americans rebuild their lives.

Who will take up this challenge?

By Michelle

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