Name My Book: Part 1

Hey don’t forget all this week, I’m running a contest to help name Ransom & Fortune Book 1. If I pick your title, then I’ll name a character after you in Book 2.

Here’s more of a synopsis on the book.

Meet Skye Ransom, a thirty-something single woman. She’s the only daughter of the owner of a high-profile research and development firm. She witnesses the death of her father, who dies in her arms. With his last breath, he whispers the words time bender. Later Skye learns her mother was killed in an apparent robbery while sitting in a café. She quickly realizes her parent’s deaths were no accident and whoever was responsible is now out to kill her.

Meet Dane Fortune, hired hit man and loner. When Jacob Ransom’s senior scientist and inventor, Conner Dade, orders the death of the wealthy CEO, Dane executes the hit with smooth accuracy. However, in hopes of running the company himself, Conner wants Ransom’s daughter dead as well and orders a hit on Skye.

Skye unravels the mystery of her parent’s death and learns her father was working on a time machine and steals what she thinks is the key to keep it out of Conner’s hands. However, unbeknownst to her, she has taken the time transporter – what her father called the time bender.

While trying to outrun Dane, Skye finds herself in a clothing shop featuring beautiful medieval gowns. As she tries one on to hide in the dressing room, she feels faint and passes out, not knowing she has transported herself back in time. When she awakens, she is in the arms of a strange man speaking with a thick brogue. She learns he is a Scottish noble and she has been transported to 13th century Scotland during the height of the battle for independence from England.

And to make matters worse, her hired killer has followed her into the past to carry out his hit. Now desperate to return home, she discovers the transporter is flawed and cannot send her back to her own time. She and Dane must put their differences aside and work together if they are to make it back to their time alive.

Okay so that’s Part 1 of the book. I’ll write up a little synopsis for Part 2 which will be featured tomorrow.

That’s it for now! Be sure to post your ideas on the comments section of the blog all week for Name My Book contest. 🙂

By Michelle

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