Name My Book: Part 2

Okay, so yesterday we learned in Part 1 of Ransom & Fortune, Skye discovers the awful truth about her parents – they were murdered by a hired hit man. And even worse – she’s his next target. But is she really? The truth will be revealed as they both travel back in time to 13th Century Scotland, where they meet the historical legends William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Part 2: Dead of Winter
Reluctantly, Skye agrees to allow Dane to time travel with her using the time bender. They manage their escape just as there’s a skirmish at the castle. Since the time bender is flawed, they have no way to know where they end up – they only hope they end up back where they belong.

Not so. Much to their horror, they wind up in a very distant future the people call the Third Generation after the Great Destruction. It is a futuristic Ice Age where the social structure is divided in half – the militarily advanced versus those who live off the land (meaning those few have reverted back to a Neanderthal state).  The two meet up with a clan led by Chieftain Odren who agrees to allow them to travel with them to the next clan since food is scarce. But things are not what they seem once they arrive and meet a strong powerful leader – Nyan.

Things go from bad to worse for Skye and Dane, especially when she is kidnapped and targeted as a human sacrifice. But it’s Dane to the rescue – provided he can get to her in time. It’s a race up a snowy mountainside while war rages around him to get the girl before she’s killed. Will he make it in time? Or will Skye die at the hands of a madman?

Are you intrigued yet? 😉

Okay – so that’s Book 1 in its entirety. Two very different storylines combined into one book. However, the main theme throughout the book is: Can Skye learn to trust Dane? I don’t want to give away too much of the story so I’m going to shut up here.

Moving on… 
Yesterday morning I arrived at work, as usual, walked to the building elevators, as usual, and hit the up button. The middle elevator dinged and I got on with a man who was riding to the 6th floor (I’m on 3). So We punch our respective floors and off we go. 

However, the elevator did a weird thing. It sort of bounced up and down once or twice before arriving at what was supposed to be the third floor. It stopped but the doors never opened. Oooookay. Then It continued on up to six. But when the doors opened, it was really on five. The gentleman in the car and I exchanged worrisome looks. I punched three and six again and off we go again. This time down and it stops at what is supposed to be three. However, it’s sort of stuck between two and three when the doors open. Uh oh. 

The doors close again and the elevator plunges downward again. Does that funny bounce up and down thing. The doors open it’s back to the ground level, but not quite even with the floor. I look at the guy in the elevator and say, “Uh, that’s it for me. I’m getting off here.” He laughs and follows. We managed to get another elevator but that was a close call for me. I’ve never been stuck in an elevator before and I don’t want to start now. 

I was asked if the guy was, at least, cute. I didn’t know since I hadn’t had my morning cup of java yet. I didn’t even notice! How sad is that? Plus I was worried about being stuck in a box with some dude. As far as I remember, he was at least a decent looking fellow. Good thing. I’d hate to be stuck in there with some kind of riff-raff.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.