Name Those Abs

Okay… let’s have some fun. I’m calling this game “Name Those Abs”. I have no idea what the winner will get – maybe a future copy of my forthcoming book Talk Dirty To Me. How’s that sound?

Anyway.. without further ado…Name Those Abs

Gawd. Is that hot or what?

Answer in tomorrow’s blog entry.

I needed some therapy yesterday. So what does a girl who needs therapy DO? Why, she goes shopping of course! Got these yesterday:

They are – to say the least – bitchin’. Or Sexy Hooker shoes as my good friend calls ‘em. I prefer CFM but – hey – it’s all good. Right? Black with a camel stripe. BCBGirls. Four inch heels and they make me massively tall. Yes, I am a shoe ho. What can I say?

Not that I needed any more shoes, but a girl can never have too many. Yes?

And I should be receiving my DSW reward certificate in the mail this week. I still haven’t spent that gift card my other good friend gave me, which means I will have nearly $50 to spend … on shoes. I was told once it’s a foot fetish gone wrong. And if so, then I don’t want to be right. HA

In other news… I tweaked chapter five of NGD and started chapter six. Hey, it’s slow progress but progress nonetheless. Still have no idea where this story is going, but I sure am enjoying the ride.

Till tomorrow, folks.

By Michelle

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