New Cover Art

Progress Update: I got nearly 1000 words yesterday, so not great but something!

I just *love* getting new cover art when I sell a new book. I’m so thrilled with this one! It really fits the tone of the book and it’s super sexy, which is just what I wanted! Sable Grey did the artwork for me. Two thumbs way up!

No date on a release yet but I haven’t even got edits yet. I expect them fairly soon, though. Which means I need to get these contest entries read and back ASAP. Because once I get the edits, I will have a very limited amount of time to get them done and turned back in. I love deadlines. They make me super happy. And now that I have a new release and cover art, I think I need to get to work on those bookmarks. I’ve already ordered business cards and they’ll be here next week. I’m so glad I got it before Nationals so I would have snazzy new bookmarks for the occasion!

I’m still trucking along on the historical. I really like my characters. They’re some of my favorite I’ve done. Right up there with Skye and Dane. 😉 Maggie and Finn are fun to write as are Elyne and Derron. In fact, they may need their own book because, even though they’re betrothed, they don’t much like each other. Plus I have an idea for another book with a secondary character in this one – Sir Drake.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on medieval banquets and tournaments. It’s hard to decide what elements to put into the story and not make it seem over the top so I’m trying to pace myself. Still, I want it to have the feeling that the reader is RIGHT THERE in the story, in that medieval world. I was working on the blurb earlier today for it and the full plot finally hit me. Hey, I’m not a plotter so it takes me a while. I finally figured out what Maggie has to do and it’s going to be a lot of fun to get her there. I’m only touching on some things that I’ll need to go back and rework for the second draft but right now, I’m getting the essence of the story down. And that’s all that really matters, right?

Okay enough babbling. I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while so I guess I will now that I have news! 🙂

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