New Theme

I’m playing around with this new theme. It took me forever to get the sidebar all set up the way it was in the old theme.

I don’t know about it yet. I have some others I want to tinker with. Sometimes, you just need something new. Ya know?

We had soccer practice Wednesday afternoon and then we got home and had a relaxing evening. I didn’t do anything but mess with this blog. I didn’t even get any writing done.

While I worked on the computer, my kiddo played with this Battleground stuff in my office. I have orcs and knights and other miscellaneous battle implements all over my office floor. hehe I love that.

It looks like his dad will be out of town quite a bit for the next few months. That means the kiddo will be spending a lot of time with me. And you know that just really hurts my feelings…NOT. 😉 I’m very happy to have him. He’s the only boy allowed in my house. hehe

Anyway, not much else to blog about. It’s nearing the end of the month while means it’s nearing newsletter time. I guess I need to start thinking about that, eh?

By Michelle

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