New Toys

I forgot what it was like living with a man. They like their toys. Electronic gadgets, to be exact. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I love surround sound as much as the next person. But sometimes, electronic gadgets are a royal pain in the arse.

Example: Man says, “Hey, it’s time to upgrade to the HD-DVR.” Which of course tickles me because I do love me some Discovery HD. So I call DirecTV. Now, aside from their awful voice-activated system (I’m sorry, but Valerie is annoying as HELL), they’re customer service was great. However, I must complain that it took me two calls and several punchings of the number ZERO before I got past Valerie. Especially because she didn’t understand that I wanted to upgrade. She kept wanting to give me new channels. At one point I shouted into the phone, “GIVE ME A REAL PERSON!!” I’ve deleted the expletive for the faint of heart but rest assured, I DID use one.

Anyway, got the thing ordered and they’ll be here tomorrow morning to install the new dish and the new box and give us the new HD channels. WOO!

However, last night when I got home, I turned the TV on as per the norm. I checked email, got the mail, changed clothes. As per the norm. But the old box decided to do an upgrade. And then it got stuck in this perpetual loop that it wouldn’t come out of, even after pressing the reset button. So I call technical support. Turns out the box thought it was the NEW box and it kept trying to download upgrades and then of course it would get stuck and no do anything. The guy ont he phone had no clue.

Man says to unplug the thing. I should have let Mr. IT do it in the first place.

I unplug it, let it reset and moments later, we’re back to watching TV. Except now, every 30 minutes I have to tell it to NOT install the updates. Whatever! Thank goodness they’re coming tomorrow to fix it. Otherwise, that would drive me batty.

The downfall of the new DVR? I’m losing everything I’d saved on the old DVR. And the kid will be unhappy he’s losing his Ben 10 show. Oh well. Life goes on.

So after I get the HD-DVR ordered, Man sits back and thinks about it all. He decides we need a new HD TV now. And a Blu-Ray. Of course. It never ends. Not that I care. I’m happy for him to buy whatever it is he wishes to buy. But I told he was in charge of All Things Electronic and All Things Outside. And I was in charge of Furniture. That seemed to suit him just fine.

Anyway, slow progress on the book. However, I’ve busted the 7K mark and I’m still writing. Just finished chapter two and started the third. I need to finish reading my CPs ms. in the next week or two, though, so I may be taking a short hiatus from it while I work on plot details. Always important to have a plot, right? 😉

Happy Wednesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.