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So Saturday I got up and went to my chapter meeting which was a lot of fun because I was the speaker. 😀 I talked about writing blurbs and showed them my framing technique for the big picture stuff. I also showed them how writing a blurb could lead to a query and a pitch. I hope they thought it was a good session. Then we went to lunch and I ran from there to the kiddo’s soccer game where my allergies exploded.

My eyes were itchy and watery and just wouldn’t stop. I was out of Claritin, too, so that just made things worse. The kid’s team won by a landslide. So I ran directly from there to the mall, where I had a salon appointment at 4:30.

But I had some time to kill which is dangerous when you wander the store for an hour before hair appointment time. I ended up getting Man’s birthday present and NO I won’t say cuz sometimes he gets a wild hair and reads the blog. 😀 Then I wondered around the new Sephora store in the newly renovated JCPenney’s and WOW, is it ever cool. I found new cologne for Man – Kenneth Cole Reaction – and it smells so good. Very clear and vibrant with a hint of something citrusy. I bought it for him and he actually really likes it. Score one for me!

My stylist was running late because the client before me had this massively thick hair and it took her forever to dry it. So I got in the chair about 20 minutes late which really wasn’t a big deal because I had nowhere to be afterward. Got my hair done – YAY!

And then it was back home where Man and I watched some of our DVR shows. I only had about 30% available so we had to do some clearing off.

Got to bed late and woke up late. Finally dragged myself out of bed, made my grocery list, and then we headed to the store. It took just over an hour (beating) and then it was back home where we made lunch and then he wanted to go to the mall, so back in the car we go.

Headed to the mall where we did some light shopping. Then it was off to the Farmers Market for fruits and veggies for the week and FINALLY! We got home. He mowed the front and back while I worked around the house getting some stuff done.

My herbs died, sadly, so I replanted them and put them out on the front porch. I suspect the cat had something to do with that. I think he ate them. The stinker.

And speaking of the stinker – I don’t know what’s up with the cat lately. He’s decided it’s okay to sleep on the dining room table while we’re not there. How do I know this? There are cat hairs on the table AND we busted him coming home Sunday. He was curled up there like it was no big deal. And then yesterday he decided to poop on the floor and I had cleaned his litter box with fresh litter THE NIGHT BEFORE! Anyone have any ideas about this new behavior? Nothing has really changed around the house. I still pat him. He gets fed good food. I don’t get it.

Anyhoo, we grilled steaks and burgers and stuffed ourselves. We watched LIFE and I promptly fainted on the couch at 8:30. I slept hard all night. Got up early Monday and checked my email and…

LO and BEHOLD… my sci-fi story, Angel and the Dead Man, is a FINALIST in the Stroke of Midnight contest in the sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic category hosted by Passionate Ink!! I couldn’t believe it. There are five finalists that go on to the final judge which is an editor at Ellora’s Cave. Winners will be announced in July at Nationals. I have to wait until July!! But you know, that’s okay. I’m just stoked to be a finalist. YAY!

Of course, since I entered at the last minute because she was light on entries, the book is not finished. So guess what I’ll be doing until July? Uh huh. Finishing the book! I figure if I can write new words during lunch on the sci-fi and then work on the contemporary edits at night, I can get them both done. The contemporary HAS to be done by May 1 and submitted. I don’t care what happens. 😀

So I’ll be writing my little fingers off. It’s good for me. I’m a much better writer with deadlines than without.


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.