NEWS! New Series Coming Soon!

REALLY excited and happy to announce I SOLD! I’ve signed a contract for a new urban fantasy series called Dream Walker. The first book, Two Steps From Hell, is due out later this year from The Wild Rose Press. I’m especially excited about this new series because it’s something I’ve been working on for nearly two years and have been trying to sell for over a year. After several dozen rejections, I didn’t think it would ever find a home but I’m really glad it finally it. There are five books in the series. Book two, Blood and Bone, is currently underway.

But, you say, what’s it about? Well, I’ll tell you! Angels, demons, a kick-ass heroine, a hot homicide cop, a sexy messenger angel, action, adventure, holy relics, exotic places and lots of secrets. It’s a story about the ultimate good versus the ultimate evil. So stay tuned for the release date, cover reveal and teasers!

Here’s the blurb:

Zoë Cavanaugh—immortal dream walker, sleep therapist and occasional consultant in homicide investigations—that’s me. I stay under the radar and try to help others get rid of their nightmares.

Until a black-winged fallen angel insists I use my talents to find the Horn of Gabriel, one of the five Holy Relics. Even worse? His counterpart in Heaven, a messenger angel, wants to hire me for the same job.

Torn between good and evil, I’m trapped in my own nightmare uncovering a family prophecy claiming I’m the Keeper of the Holy Relics. Accepting that position means I accept my duty as the one—the only one—who can stop the coming war between two ultimate powers that can save or destroy mankind.

Can a girl get a break here? Now I must make the most important choice of my immortal life. Embrace my job as Keeper and secure the artifacts before Lucifer and his minions take them to Hell, or turn my back on Heaven’s angels and my destiny. Either way I’m pretty sure I’m screwed.

By Michelle

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