Nice Weekend

It’s still cold out there! We’re below freezing overnight and in the 40s-50s during the day. Brr!

It sure was a nice weekend. Mostly because I had the baby boy with me the entire time. We had so much fun, too. We had a gingerbread house (thanks to Lara for the tip on that!) and even though it was a gigantic mess, Sweetie Boy had a great time with it. I think we both had icing from one end to the other. He must have eaten more gumdrops than he put on the house, which is totally cute. You can see the fruits of our labor in the picture. Yeah, so it’s kinda sloppy but I made the grave error of snipping the end of the icing bag just a bit too big. So it glopped out. Ah well. It was a blast anyway.

We ran some errands Saturday – grocery store, Target, pet store – and then he did his homework. He suckered me into computer time for getting all his homework done. (I still can’t believe they have homework in Kindergarten…). So I let him play while I cooked dinner. I made a pork tenderloin and it was delish.

Target was an absolute ZOO on Saturday. I just needed some wrapping paper so I could get started with the gift wrapping. Sweetie Boy was sure I didn’t need that stuff because “Santa Clause does it all, Mom.” And then he told me since I was a good girl all year, Santa was going to bring me a yellow Mustang with black racing stripes. Nice try, there, son. But I think YOU want that from Santa…

Of course this is the time of year that cartoons are FLOODED with toy commercials. And after every one of them I hear, “I want that!” Sometimes the “I want that” is more emphatic than other times. For instance, I had no idea what an Iz Zizzle was. Did you? I learned this today when we went to McDonald’s and he got an Iz in his Happy Meal. He thought it was cool as shit. And no wonder – it plays music. So as we’re watching … some ridiculous cartoon or another this afternoon, there’s a commercial for one. And he goes NUTS over. Well, hell, I’ve already bought all his Christmas presents. Guess I’m getting one more. And naturally, he wants the blue one and NATURALLY they are sold out every one. But I can get a red or a green. Wonder if he’ll be just as happy with that? Anyway, the real Iz is this MP3 player thing that’s like a mini-electronic DJ or something. I have no idea – I’m old. I’m not up on these things anymore. Better start that online scouring for the toy…

Oh and there was this commercial for the TJ Storytime Bear or something like that – it talks and tells a story. So I asked the baby boy if he wanted THAT for Christmas (since he wants everything else he sees) and he looked at me like I was on crack. He said, “Uh, no, Mom. That’s for babies. NOT gonna happen.” Okay then. I guess I’ve been told.


Sunday morning, we made a trip to Mom’s for an emergency Blankie repair. It seems Blankie had several holes in it and the edging was ripping off. So I headed out. It was worth the drive to watch the little boy in his Grammy’s lap helping her sew his blanket back up.

Back at home, I finished the laundry and we baked brownies. After his bath, we watched Justice League (yes, I’m still into that show).

Talked to The Man briefly and then sent about 234098 text messages back and forth.

And OH! I nearly forgot – I did manage to get my Christmas tree up this week. Sweetie Boy helped. I bought one of those prelit trees because I just didn’t want to mess with putting on the lights – they are always such a pain anyway. So I got the tree up in about 2.3 seconds and then we put the garland on. I have this beaded garland in red and gold. Sweetie Boy had a great time getting that on there. Most of it is wrapped around the bottom and it’s not very even but you know what? That’s okay. I like it just like that because I know he did it and he was supremely cute about it. Most of the ornaments are all in one place – I’ve spaced most of them out, but they keep getting moved. Either by my child or my cat. Oh yes – the cat likes to hang out under the three… and bat around the shiny gold balls.

(Are you sick of the pictures yet? haha) 

Let’s see… what else… Oh I managed to get my personal newsletter out as well as get together the chapter newsletter done. I hope to get that out by the end of Monday. I’m waiting on one more little piece and then I’m ready to go.

No writing to speak of. At least on paper. It’s all in my head – which is a dangerous place to be!

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.