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I just can’t think of anything fun an interesting for my blog titles these days.

First: LOST. *SPOILERS* in case you haven’t seen it yet. 😉

DOH! So do they or do they NOT get off the island? And what about Desmond stuck down there underwater in the Looking Glass? And even though we all knew Charlie was going to die, it still ticked me off that he did. And where did Walt come from? I’m wondering if it was just the black smoke thingy (which I think is Jacob) making Locke see him. AND! If the “flashback” was actually the future, it begs the question of whether or not they get off the island or they stay. I mean, according to that future, they do. But we all know that things can be altered by one little action. I thought that who alternate reality thing was totally cool and I can’t wait for next season.

In between running after my child and LOST, I did some tweaking on chapter 11 yesterday. I intend to start chapter 12 today. Still striving for that four chapter deadline on Friday. 😉 I’m getting there!

The kids had their end of year party yesterday at school. I have never had a party like this. I thought it was totally awesome. They had face painting, bubble blowing, bounce houses, paint guns to paint big sheets of paper on the side of the building, hair spray coloring, snow cones, snacks… I wish we’d had that for the end of year when I was in school. And it was the entire school and not just the kindergarten class.

Since they needed more Mom volunteers for the party, I ended up doing face painting with another mom. Yes, me who cannot draw a stickfigure did face painting. I seemed to have gotten all the little girls in the entire kindergarten class in my line and they ALL wanted a kitty cat face. Hey I got pretty good by the time the two hours was up.

When the part started, my child disappeared and I didn’t seem him until he came walking back into the classroom, his hair all plastered against his head with sweat and a big ole grin on his little face. He came running up to me with a big hug and a big kiss. He was all happy because he got to go in the bounce house…and then he told me all about how all the kindergarten teachers got in there too. He thought that was funny.

And then at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, something short circuited in that little head of his and he snapped. He went from happy to the devil child in 2.3 seconds. That’s when he decided to take a nap. And hour and a half later, I finally got him up for dinner and he was all happy again.

Children make you insane. LOL

Today is the awards ceremony. I’m going to get some work done before I head to the school.

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