No Rain!

It didn’t rain last night – first time all week – and this morning it’s beautiful outside. I have the usual errands – bank, post office, Wal Mart. And the Sweetie Boy and I are hanging out the rest of the day. I’m going to tackle hanging more lights and another ceiling fan. Other than that… that’s about it. Maybe I’ll get some pages in today too.

I’m in need of vitamins so I’m going to get me some at Wal Mart. I’ve been super tired lately – so tired, in fact, even when I get enough sleep it’s not enough. A change of diet, the addition of vitamins and exercise are in order I think. The problem is exercise – when do I have time to do that? The only time I have would be early morning. I found a fitness DVD with five 10 minute exercise routines. You can do them all at once, or only one at a time, or whatever. Thinking about getting it. Of course, because I’m saying that means I’ll get it and then will never be able to drag my ass out of bed to do it. But I seriously think it’s time to make some changes.


Tomorrow, I’m off to Mom’s for Mom’s Day. She’s going to help me color my hair. 🙂 Brother and Co. will be there. We’ll all bring a covered dish and visit and have dinner. And I’m doing NOTHING the rest of the day. It seems like there should be an extra day in the weekend, doesn’t it?

By Michelle

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