No, we are not cancelling Halloween

You know. I just have to complain. I’m sick (heh) of hearing about H1N1. It’s always the leading story on the news every night. And, yeah, okay I get that it’s a serious illness. But so is the regular flu. And did you know that MORE people die of the “regular” flu each year than H1N1?

The news the other night really took the cake for me. One “North Texas mother” wants to cancel Halloween because it’s just “not good” to have all those kids near each other. Outside. Running from door to door. Never mind the fact they’re in classrooms together every single day. Or on the playground. Or whatever. She’s keeping her kids in this Halloween with zero trick-or-treating because it’s “not safe” to go outside.

So…are we going to live in quarantine for the rest of our lives because of … the flu?

And then of course the news has to show the OTHER extreme. The mom who has a dozen kids around her and the house is decorating to the hilt for Halloween. Cobwebs on the trees and shrubs, blinking Halloween lights, you get the picture. She’s all smiles. She’s the “neighborhood Halloween Mom”. You know, sort of like the Kool-Aid Mom but for Halloween. Her house is “the” house on the street that all the kids come to. She doesn’t think we should cancel Halloween.

And you know what? Neither do I. It’s absurd to keep our kids locked up in the house just because it’s just too icky out there. Just because there is the slight chance they “could” get sick. And, really, if the news stations would stop shoving it down our throats that All Mankind is Going to Die of the Swine Flu, we wouldn’t have near the panic.

That’s my rant for the day. 🙂 And yes, we’re going trick-or-treating. I love Halloween!

By Michelle

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