Not a bad day…

First – in case you missed it yesterday, my first post at Miss Make A Movie was up! Yeah, I forgot to blog it. It’s my introductory post. I tried to get creative instead of the boring old “I do this and that” so check it out if you can. Click here.

The ice started to melt as soon as the sun hit it this morning. The temp rose to a balmy 40 degrees. By the afternoon, it was just wet and gross. But still COLD. Supposed to freeze overnight again, so that should make for a bit of messy commute in the morning. I’m so glad I stayed home.

The kiddo came over mid-morning and hung out all day with me since the school was closed. He played Wii. I worked. I got a lot of stuff done. And then I had to run out and return movies and put gas in the car. I nearly froze my bum off doing that. I was very glad to be back home in the warmth. I had a nice fire in the fireplace. I figure I better get this wood burned up before Spring or it will sit there until next January.

Not much else to tell. Just worked on a lot of things writing-related, but no real progress on the book. Hopefully I can get back to that tonight. The chapter is all-consuming sometimes (not that I’m complaining mind you).

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.