Not A Bad Start

Progress Update: 1435 / 9072; goal is 80,000. Not as much as I’d like but at least it was something
Favorite line: “Thanks for the newsflash, Captain Obvious.”

Hey Colin – In answer to your question about the title of the new WIP: Yes, I do have a working title. It’s Angel and the Deadman and it’s an action/adventure futuristic story about a female smuggler and her former lover, a super secret agent. I say “super” because he has super powers. They do end up in South America at one point, so that’s where the ancient culture comes into play. But that’s all your getting. I don’t want to give away too much because it’s going to be SO fun to write. If you’d like to be a beta reader, let me know! 🙂

So, anyway, I got some words in yesterday on the new WIP. Not a bad start. I had to go back and re-read my notes on my characters. I’m SO glad I wrote all that down before because my brain has turned into swiss cheese lately. I can’t remember squat.

It was a slow day yesterday. You know, one of those painfully slow days that never want to end. So I took off about 30 minutes early and went to get my tires rotated. As it turns out, it’d been a year since I last did that. Oops. The guy asked if there were any problems so I told him it vibrated when I hit 60 mph. He said, “Probably the driving.” Har har. Luckily, I have a sense of humor and quipped, “Have you been talking to my boyfriend?” He laughed.

It took them an hour of which I spent playing with the iPhone. I downloaded Twitterrific to see how I like it as opposed to TweetDeck. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I do love the tweety sound it makes when you open the app, though.

Got home and Man and I went for some quick Mexican food at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. MMM. I love their tacos because they put crumbled feta cheese and lost of fresh cilantro on them. They’re tasty. And they have this awesome Mexican fried potatoes. They’re delish.

Then we went to Staples and I bought some much-needed ring binders for all my online workshops I’ve been taking lately. I just finished one on Druids and one on sexual tension. I understand there’s an upcoming one on the Fae which I’m really looking forward to. And by the time we got back to the house it was 8 pm. Ack! The evening was gone.

Oh – but FINALLY! My cover for my Nook arrived! I love it so. It’s awesome. Now I feel like I can carry it around without the face of it getting scratched up. I’m currently reading a Gena Showalter book on it. I’ve only had it on order since January 3. Sheesh. Think four months is long enough to wait for a flippin’ cover?

That’s it for me. I’m off to work now. Hope everyone has an adequate Tuesday.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.