Not So Fast, Spring

Old Man Winter is back today and he’s ticked off. He’s kicked Lady Spring right out with his blustery cold winds and frigid temps. And let me tell you…it is BRUTAL out there.

Had soccer pictures this morning at 11 am and then a game this afternoon at 1:30. This morning, waiting outside in the cold for the pictures to commence was…painful. I thought just wearing my heavy coat would suffice but the wind cut right through that. And the poor kiddo! As soon as we walked outside, he said, “My legs are cold!” Thank goodness the picture thing didn’t last that long. We got home and had a warm lunch.

The game…another story. I wore thermals, jeans, my thick socks and hiking boots (my feet were toasty!). I wore a long sleeved shirt, a pull-over fleece and my heavy coat with a fleece lining as well as my hat and gloves. I even took a blanket. And it was still frigging cold.

For the kiddo, I put long pants on him, his soccer shorts over that. Then I found a turtleneck shirt and put that on him. Then layered that with his zip-up fleece jacket. Then his jersey. I put a hat on him to cover his ears and then he wore his heavy coat to and from the field.

COLD. So cold. His poor hands were ice cubes by the time the game was over. But the ref was super – he knew we were all freezing, so he kept the game going. And we won, 4-2.

Got home and had a pot of coffee waiting for me. MmMm. And the laundry is all done! I’m going to try and take it easy tomorrow.

Still working on the contest. I have some entries still out. And two of the judges haven’t responded at all. Hm.

By Michelle

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