Nothing of Interest

I haven’t had much of anything to blog about. Hence the silence the last two days. What I have been doing is writing. I’m at just over 71k and trying to get throught the end of the book and get that draft finished so I can go back and polish. It seems like I’m going at a snail’s pace and it’s driving me nuts. I just want to be done.

I sort of wrote myself into a corner so I had to figure out how to get out of that one. Then I did it again! Grr. So I’m going to have to dump the next scene and started over. I’m not happy with it and I can tell it’s not jiving. I stared at the blank cursor for a while last night before I finally got it going again.

And what’s crazy is, I have an outline I’m going by. I haven’t plotted every scene, just the high points, but I’m still having trouble getting to the end.

The publisher I want to submit to states they want 90-120k submissions. So I’ll really need to see where I can beef up the story. I know I need to add some sexual tension and another scene so that will help the word count.

Anyway… that’s what I’ve been doing.

The kid has been sick – double ear infection. He had me worried over the last couple of days, though. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Tonight we have basketball practice and I intend to get some writing done then. Hopefully I”l be out of that corner. 😉

So I’ve been writing. And I’ve also been tweeting. If you’re interested in my totally random tweets, you can follow me.

I’m glad the week is nearly over!

By Michelle

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