Now Introducing…

3279-447266-d.jpg…Naughty Monkey! I just couldn’t resist these oh-so-cute striped pumps by Naughty Monkey. I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered this brand before! And now, of course, I’m all about them. I’m hot to have them in all different styles and colors. They’re all so unusual with really fun names like “Get up and get out” and “Picnic in the Park” and “Sweetie Pie”.

Anyway, I got them from Zappos today and I LURVE them. The second I opened the box (which was shrink wrapped – isn’t that cool?) I knew I was in love. They are so cute and quirky and can go with almost anything. I wore tan pants and a black shirt today and they actually went just fine. And gave a splash of color.

This has been the longest week. I guess it’s all the running around I’m doing lately with the kiddo. Taking him to and from MusiCamp. He’s really enjoying it and I’m so glad. He’s made some new friends and I can’t wait to see the performance on Friday night!

Regarding the bathroom – I wish I could put one of those tub things over my old one (yes, we do have a similar company here, Dev) but the problem is, there’s not a shower in there. It’s just a tub which is dumb. So I have to have the walls demoed, plumbing done, and then retile it. Right now, there is only about four rows of tile above the tub. Why they built a second bathroom with no shower is beyond me.  

Been extremely tired today. Couldn’t fall asleep last night and then today was just long. Had lunch with Best Good Friend and smelled like Chinese the rest of the day. Came home and cooked spaghetti for dinner and then rounded up the kid for bathtime and bedtime. Bedtime has been extraordinarily difficult these last few days. I think he’s just not used to being in a routine anymore. That should get better after school starts. I hope.

And…as of tomorrow…I will be a soccer mom. Yep. I’m signing him up for soccer! As per his request and $75 later. It’s all worth it though.

Exhausted and I’m going to go climb in bed. Tomorrow is another marathon!

By Michelle

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