Now Staring


It’s banquest week – as you all probably know from previous posts. And I’ve been a mad woman trying to get everything finished.

On Tuesday when I had my Great Printer Debacle, I finally started to print the name tags for the entire company – about 550 of them. We havet this movie theme going for the banquet this year, so the name tags were going to say “Now Starring.” Clever, eh?

So, I’m printing along thinking I’m getting it all done when I suddenly notice (after printing about 100+) that is says… Now Staring instead of Now Starring. And of course, spell check wouldn’t pick this up because it is a proper word.

Can you imagine the string of expletives I delivered? Most of them under my breath since I do work in an office where folks could get offended by F-Bombs going off. Thankfully, I had enough labels to print the remaining name tags – but just barely. At least I had room for error. But I was totally sweating.

Especially after having to reprint 463 certificates that had the wrong year on them. Go me!

Ah well. Tomorrow is the big day. I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch.

But as for me… I’m Now Staring.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.