Observations From The Peanut Gallery

UPDATE: Yesterday’s word count: 4130. Busted the 27k mark. I’m getting closer…

SO. Here’s something to ponder. I noticed the other night at basketball practice that Moms are the minority parent there. It’s mostly dads. I think I was the only mom there, tapping away on her Mini with her iPhone in her lap. Yeah, I looked cool doing it, too.

At soccer practice, not a dad in sight. Mostly moms. And you know what? We were all sitting in our respective cars. I was tappinga way on my Mini with my iPhone in my lap. Yeah. Looking cool doing it, too, but no one saw me there. However, I do love the fact that I’m getting so much writing done at these various practices.

Anway, I digress. Is soccer a “mom” sport and basketball a “dad” sport? Is soccer the suburban mom thing while basketball is the suburban dad thing? I’m just wondering if I’m alone in the observation.

And that’s all I got. It’s Friday. Thank goodness.

Have a smashing weekend ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.