Odd Day

Hard to believe it’s November already. Where has the year gone?

So Tuesday was shaping into the oddest day ever.

First off all, a knocking/hammering/whatever it was woke me out of a dead sleep at 3 am. I sat straight up in bed and listened. Heard it again. Got up, went to the baby’s room. He was snoring. Went to the window in my bedroom, looked out. Saw/heard nothing. Then I heard it again! So I stood with my ear against the outside wall and listened. Nothing. Went to the baby’s room again, looked out the window. Nothing. Went to the backdoor and looked out the peephole. Nothing. Didn’t hear it again. It was freaking me the hell out. My heart was pounding so hard. I got back in bed and just laid there for the longest time and heard nothing. Finally went back to sleep and then my stupid alarm went off.


So I dragged my ass out of bed and got ready for work and since I had the Sweetie Boy, I got him up and ready. Fed him breakfast, and then took him to school. I told him I packed him a sandwich in his lunch and he smiled broadly and said, “Thanks, Mom!”

I get him off to school and head to the office, dying for a cup of coffee. Traffic was horrendous! I hit EVERY light and school zone on my way in. The second I hit the door at the office, chaos reined. I was bombarded. There’s a big meeting with the CEO going on and they were in desperate need or something. I barely had enough time to get my purse down and my computer on. I helped put out the fire only to have someone get miffed at me for trying to help! The nerve.

Later that morning, as I was in the print room getting paper for the printer (that The Broad can’t seem to fill up when she runs it out of paper :crazy:), when I had the oddest conversation with one of our newer employees.

He tells me he feels like he knows a celebrity. I ask him why’s that. He says he used to live in the same city as me and in the SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX. But recently he and his wife moved out because they bought a house. He said he saw my promo cards for my serial up in the mail room – and he made the connection when he saw the same artwork hanging in my cubicle. The really weird thing is – I was in that complex a grand total of seven months and he was there probably about six or so. Small world! So when I left him, four reams of paper in hand, I told him to be sure and support his local author.


Went to Target at lunch and bought more bath towels. They were on sale and I couldn’t not do it. Okay, I was seriously looking for nightstands but STILL have no found any. They had a couple I liked at the Target, but only ONE. And I want TWO. Guess I’ll have to go to the Target by my house and see what they have.

The rest of the day seemed to go okay. Took the Sweetie Boy Trick or Treating and boy did he make out! He went dressed up as Batman. And he was SOOOO cute. See? His secret identity is… Sweetie Boy! He had a blast and so did I. At one of the houses, the kid asked if he went to a certain elementary school and when I said yes, he said he had been his reading buddy. So it was so nifty that we met up with some school mates!

We walked the neighborhood for about an hour. The cold front finally came through and my ears and hands were freezing by the time we got back home. We passed out candy for another hour and a half and Sweetie Boy ate some of his candy. Check out his haul. MAN! He got a lot of stuff. And too many suckers.

Got him in the tub, washed and dried his hair. Started a load of laundry. And as I was sitting down to download the pictures from the camera, I hear him screaming and running down the hall that his mouth is burning. He scared the daylights out of me. I had given him some glow sticks to go Trick or Treating with and let him have them in bed. Thinking he would be big enough to just sleep with them. Turns out he decided to put them in his mouth and bite down. Hence the burning mouth.

I made him flush his mouth out with water since I know these things have glass in them. He had bright yellow glow stuff all over his hands and on his face. Not to mention his pillow case and his sheets. And of course I was completely freaked out by the incident and kept checking on him every 10 seconds to make sure he was still breathing and didn’t have some weird glowing foam coming out of his mouth.

Okay, so I’m a tad paranoid. But you know, I am his mother.

Anyway… by the time he finally went to sleep… I was so exhausted. Mentally and physically. Didn’t help I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

And now it’s time for yet another day. I’m gonna need a lot of coffee.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.