Odds and Ends

So… raise your hand if you watched LOST last night. It was…in a word… AWESOME. This season is totally going to rock. And the really big question is this: Is Locke really dead? Hmm…

I just love Daniel Faraday. Mr. Cuse and Mr. Lindelof, you two BETTER NOT KILL HIM OFF. Okay?!?

Got the kiddo last night and we had a nice evening together. He likes his new dictionary and kept asking what the meaning of words were. When he did, we’d pick up the dictionary and look it up together. He wanted to know what mischief and solitary meant. I said mischief should have a picture of him under it for the definition. He kinda giggled at that.

He’s still reading Harry Potter, too. He even bragged on himself this evening: “Mom, isn’t it impressive I’m reading Harry Potter all by myself?” Yes, dear. It is. Shortly before that, he was playing his Hot Wheels game and shouting, at the computer, “You want a piece of me!” and “Come on! Let’s do this!” It was cracking me up.

I gotta say… I love having the DVR. I can just pause it and then skip the commercials. I got to watch the entire premiere and even though the kiddo interrupted me a hundred times, it didn’t bother me because I knew I could just rewind. I don’t know how I lived without it before. LOL

Okay that’s it for me. Short entry today.

Oh and YES! I wrote!

By Michelle

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