Official Results of Day 1

Progress: Wow. I suck. Only 529 words yesterday. Here’s hoping it gets better from here on out.

I had a day yesterday. I ran around like a manwoman helping get 17 binders put together for a meeting. By the time they were off, I collapsed in my chair.

Then I had to go get the baby boy, come home, cook dinner, do homework, do dishes, get him bathed and his hair washed, pay bills, and get him in bed.


But I did actually write some. Does this blog count? Can I count the words in this blog? No I suppose I can’t, can I?

By 10:03, the eyelids were starting to droop. I couldn’t fight it any longer and had to succumb to the sleep.

Tonight, though, I WILL do better.

Please cheer me on.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.