Officially Summer

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Well, summer is officially here. School was out on Friday and it’s already June. JUNE! The air conditioning is at full blast now. It’s getting hot. Blech. It seems like after my birthday, the year just zips by.

This past weekend was pretty hectic. I got home late Friday and then had to immediately get online for a chapter board meeting. Once I finished with that, I inhaled my dinner and Man and I went to get coffee and decompress for a while. We drove around laughing and talking. It was nice. Then on Saturday, we got going fairly early. Ran some errands and then I got my hair cut that afternoon. We went to Best Buy so he could get a camcorder for his daughter for graduation and then it was to the book store where I finally spent some of my gift cards. Only some. I still have more to spend!

Sidebar: I got Carrie Ryan’s The Forest of Hands and Teeth and started reading it almost immediately (it’s a YA). Wow. It’s creepy and interesting and it gives me weird dreams. It’s written in first person present tense, which sounds odd but now I’m used to it and it’s actually pretty compelling. I’m really curious to see where this book is headed and what’s going to happen to the characters.

I managed to talk Man into going grocery shopping with me. Which I totally love! Because he can push the cart and I can actually shop and keep track of my coupons. (He makes fun of me and calls me the Coupon Lady but I save between $6 and $8 every grocery trip. So I stick my tongue out at him and keep on clipping.) So we got back to the house and I whipped up chicken salad sandwiches and they were so good. It was a nice low-key, healthy meal.

Sunday was all about yard work and laundry. He mowed and edged and I did laundry and cleaned house. Then I helped him in the front to get it ready for flower beds. We still have a lot of back-breaking work to do but we made some good progress.

Man came over last night and we were both starving. Had to make another quick trip to the store because he wanted chicken tacos. I had the chicken, I just needed everything else! And I really had a craving for guacamole. They wanted $5.00 for the stuff already made. So intead, I bought two avacados for a grand total of $1.00 and made my own. It was yummy! And Man was impressed I made it from scratch with no recipe. Hey, you can’t grow up in Texas and not know how to make guacamole from scratch!

And that’s it for me. Oh, if you’re curious about my birds, check out the post below. The eggs hatched! They’re SMALL and hungry. hehe

By Michelle

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