On The Road Again

Had a good weekend but, as usual, it wasn’t long enough. 🙂

Spring Break officially started for the kiddo on Friday (I wish we still got Spring Break). He asked to spend it in the country with his cousins so I naturally said yes. Anytime he can get away from the computer/DS/Wii, I’m all for it. So Sunday morning, we packed up the car and headed out to Talco in East Texas to drop him off. My sister works at a ranch, so he got to spend a lot of time there when he visisted over the summer.

We started the morning with a full tank of gas and Starbucks. And then we hit the road. It rained most of the way there but we stopped in Greenville for food and a potty break. After stuffing outselves at Cracker Barrel, we got back on the road. By this time, the rain had moved off to the east, so it was a dry ride the rest of the way. It was a 330 mile round trip and a lot of hours in the car. But ya know, all in all not a bad drive or a bad day. We a nice but short visit at the ranch. And we will be driving it again on Saturday to pick up the kid.

Last I heard, he was going 4-wheeling. 😀

All I can say is, with gas prices, it’s a good thing my car gets good gas mileage.

And that was about all we did this weekend. Just a whole lot of driving.

By Michelle

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