On this date: Four Years Ago

It’s hard to believe today is the fourth anniversary of me being in my little house. Hard to believe indeed! I mean, the time just flew! Here’s one of my favorite pictures taken in November 2009. We had mums and a Fall theme going on here and I just loved it. I hope we find pretty mums like that again this year.

I remember when I decided in June 2006 I wasn’t going to be a slave to an apartment community’s rate hikes every 6 months (or 12 months depending on the term of the lease). Plus I really hated pet deposits and noisy neighbors. (I really think a CAT shouldn’t need a deposit because it’s a CAT after all and he doesn’t make nearly the mess a dog would. My cat is a perfect angel, I’ll have you know.) Anyway, I called up a realtor one Saturday afternoon and talked to the nicest lady ever. The next thing I knew, I was looking at a house and putting down an offer and we were off and running. But there was a problem with that first house because the foundation was in bad shape and so I pulled the contract after the inspection. I didn’t want to get into a house with major problems like the foundation. Here in Texas, we can expect some movement, cracked walls and such. But when doors aren’t closing like they should and the floor isn’t level, there’s a problem.

So because I had already given the complex my 30 day notice and I was well into that, I had to find another house and pronto. Another awesome lady took me around one rainy Monday evening to ten houses. This one in the picture was the first one I saw. It was blank slate. It’d been a rent house for years. It’d also been neglected and was filthy but I could see past all that. I could see the potential. Plus, it was the perfect size for me and the kiddo. So I put down an offer. The owner’s accepted (it had been on the market a whole three days). The next few weeks were the most stressful of my life but I managed to close and move and get into my shiny new-to-me house with shiny new appliances.

And here I am, four years later. Man and I are going to tackle a bathroom remodel this weekend. This will be Major Project #2 and if we don’t kill each other, then I suppose it’s meant to be. 🙂

By Michelle

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