Once Upon a Name…

Nexus Spear… the Moonstone Rod… Tiger’s Eye Stone…Hellblade…All of these things invoke images for me. Images of things long lost, magical things, mystical things. Yes, I’ve been researching again for the Magic book. I have a lot of cool ideas floating around in my head for this book. I’ve even been researching archaic words to use – I found a list on the Internet. I’ve also been researching dance styles in the Baroque, Renaissance and Middle Ages. I find all of this fascinating.

Anyway, back the name thing. I think names are super important not just for your character but for things, too. Since I’m writing a fantasy book, I’ve discovered that naming places and things has become almost as important as naming characters. As far as places go, I think the name has to be easy to pronounce and easy to remember and not resemble any other place in the book. As far as things go – like weapons – I think they need to sound cool and well, sort of give you a hint as to the wielder (such as good or evil).

So I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m enjoying the revision process quite a lot and I feel like I’m finally doing the book justice. It’s been a long time coming. There’s so much planning that goes into a fantasy book – not only do you have to build your world, but you have to know your culture. How do they track time? Do they use our hours, and weeks? Or do we call it candlemark, sennight, fortnight? Are the seasons winter and summer? Or dark and light? What is the royal hierarchy? Who is good and who is bad?

It’s really an interesting process and I’m loving doing the research for the book.

In other news… Friday night the wedding was very nice. Long, but nice. The ceremony itself lasted an hour and a half. Lots of standing and knealing going on. The bride looked like a princess. She was lovely. The groom was completely adorable. What an adorable couple they make! The reception had a great buffet and the cake was delish. I left much before the throwing of the bouquet (it was 10:30 and it still hadn’t happened yet!). I was so happy to get home. I literally fell into bed.

I tried to sleep in, but the cat wouldn’t let me. He meows his stupid head off. This is a new thing. The first couple of times he did it, I thought it was because he wanted to be fed. Even though his bowl wasn’t empty, if he can see the bottom, he’s starving. So I started filling it up before I go to bed on weekends so I can sleep. WRONG. He STILL wakes me up. Now I think he just wants me up because me usual rise time is 6:15 on weekdays. It’s hard to explain to the kitty that I don’t want to get up that early on weekends!

He’s decided that – since he got out that one time – he wants to be outside. So now I have to fight him back whenever we go in and out. He thinks we’re going outside, so why shouldn’t he?

So I got up fairly early on Saturday and sort of moped around the house all day. I didn’t do a THING except for return my movie to Blockbuster. Then I watched Pirates 3 and a few Sex and the City episodes and then read my book. Talked on the phone with Man. Things have slowed way down with him and I’m not sure what to make of it.

Sunday I was once again up early. Had coffee. Mowed the yard at 8 am (yeah, my neighbors probably hate me but oh well) and then got ready for church. The service was GREAT. They had great music and I got to sit with Boss and her hubby. I thoroughly enjoyed the service. I’ve decided to become a member and I’m very happy with my decision. It’s a good church for me. I’m considering joining the orchestra since I play sax but I’m sadly out of practice. hehe

Read my book some Sunday afternoon and just had another lazy day of doing not much of anything. I think I needed some downtime. Then Delilah’s story called me and I actually sat down and worked on it some. I had a sort of epiphany with her this weekend and I figured out what the story needs to be. She doesn’t want who I thought would be the hero. She wants another guy – a rich, European, arty guy. I’m running with it. That Delilah has all sorts of ideas.

The kiddo arrived home and we went out back together and tossed his airplane back and forth and then we came in and watched some HGTV and then read his Magic Tree House #17 book. Overall, it was a good day and I finished it off with a lovely glass of tawny port.

I had a lot of time to myself and a lot of time to think. About the past, future and present. Not sure I’m totally happy with everything but one thing is for certain: I really love my house…and I’m wishing I could get bamboo flooring for the living/dining/kitchen/entry (it’s all one big room). hehe

Okay time to get ready and take the kiddo to his early morning dental appointment. He’s getting a second crown, poor thing.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.