One Day Sale

Editor’s Note: I’m bumping this one back up to the top.

Okay, folks, this is it. Your big chance to get The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune for three months for only $3.00.

On Friday, May 13, my time travel serial, The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune, will be available for a one day sale. Click here on Friday for this one day only special. Have you subscribed yet?

And in case you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a teaser:

A girl…a hit man…and a time machine… Skye Ransom is running for her life from a hit man and ends up in the past. Problem is, he’s followed her to carry out his hit…or has he?

As she stood in the tiny room, staring at her reflection in the mirror, her image flickered. A wave of nausea coursed through her. Still clutching the time bender in one hand, she pressed her other hand against her roiling stomach. A blinding light flashed and she suddenly was falling… falling…

Outside, Dane knew she had ducked into the shop and followed. Not finding her inside and a manager hovering near the changing room, he knew she must be hiding in there. Hearing the jingle of the door chime, the little man turned with a smile. But the smile quickly faded when he saw Dane, gun in hand and pointing it at him.

“Get her out of there, now,” Dane ordered.

The little man turned back to the door, rapped softly.

“Are you all right in there? How does it look?” he called, keeping a nervous eye on the stranger before him.

But there was no answer and then there was a sudden flash illuminating the cracks around the edges of the door. Dane pushed passed the little man, jiggled the handle to find it locked. He fired twice, and then kicked in the dressing room door.

All that remained on the floor were her clothes. She – and the time bender – was gone.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.