One down…

I got the chapter newsletter done today. That’s one big thing out of the way! Now I just need to get it copied and prepared to mail. I bought special floral stamps for it. I wanted yellow rose stamps, but the post office didn’t have any. 🙁

I didn’t forget to make the mortgage! I had to run it to the main post office, though, so it would get there by Monday.

Went to Office Depot today and found some really great journals. I bought one. I don’t really need it but it had such a nifty cover I had to have it. Got my free ream of paper for turning in an empty print cartridge. Love it. Looked at pens. I think I love pens almost as much as I love shoes. The weird thing is, I can’t bring myself to spend $9 on a fancy pen…but I can spend $90 on a pair of shoes no problem.

Baked a red velvet cake today and made my own cream cheese icing. My oven is crappy. It bakes everything lopsided. *grr* I guess it’ll taste okay though. I’m going to be baking a mango cheesecake for the pre-conference dinner. I still need to go get that clear wrapping paper stuff for the other two baskets. I’ve got to get that done this week so I can be completely finished.

DS decided he wanted to watch Star Wars this afternoon. How could I say no? It makes me happy he wants to watch one of my favorite movies growing up. I sat down and watched the first half of it (this is the original I’m talking about.. and I refuse to call it “A New Hope”) and my son turned to me a said with a sigh, “This is my favorite movie.” We watched Empire Strikes Back and made a night of it.

Tired.. so I think I’ll head off to bed.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.