One Knight Only #TuesdayTeaser Excerpt 3

1 OneKnightOnlyWe are just under two weeks away for the re-release of my favorite series, Realm of Honor. Here’s today’s Tuesday Teaser!

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A snarky Faery princess, a Scottish knight with a gambling problem, and a murderous earl all add up to one thing: Trouble. Maggie’s medieval education never prepared her for life in the Middle Ages!

Do-gooder Maggie Chase throws her thesis out the window when she wakes up in the arms of a hot Scottish knight. When she realizes she’s somehow ended up back in time, she embraces the persona of Lady Margaret. But she may be in over her head when she realizes she has to keep the sexy knight alive during a jousting tournament in order to get back to her own time.

Sir Finian “Finn” McCullough is a gambling man and owes a very large debt to an evil earl who is after his family estate. When the beautiful and outgoing Maggie arrives in his bed, he can’t remember tupping her the night before and thinks she’s a spy for one of his neighboring clans. He intends to find her kinsman and return her safely but he can’t resist her charms, her smart mouth or her sex appeal. Instead he keeps her close, taking her with him to an important jousting tournament—one he has to win or lose his castle forever.


Lord Litonshire stepped up to his table. “Ah, Sir Finian, have you managed to let another cad steal your lady?” He nodded toward Derron and Maggie as they disappeared.

“If ye’ll pardon me…” Finn began but Litonshire interrupted.

“Oh, I don’t think so. We have some unfinished business.”

“If this is about Lady Juliet—”

“Not at all. It’s about another pressing matter.”

Finn clamped his hand around the earl’s arm and led him away from the table so Drake wouldn’t overhear their conversation. “You’ll be getting paid once tourney is over. That was the bargain.”

“And I’ve decided I don’t like that bargain, after all. Patience isn’t one of my strong suits. I’m ready for my money now. Or my lovely country estate in the lowlands of Scotland. I much would prefer the castle on a hill surrounded by a moat.”

“Ye’ll get nothing but a fist up yere nose again.”

“I could take what I want from you by force. You realize that, don’t you?”

Finn knew the man was more powerful than he. Plus he had the king as an ally. But he didn’t much care about that. All he cared about was getting Litonshire off his back for good. “If ye do, I will declare war on ye and take back what is rightfully mine.”

“Oh, but you lost it to me in a fair game of Hazard. Unless you wish to have a rematch?”

Finn was running out of patience with the man. “Ye give me until the end of tourney, as we agreed.”

“And if you lose?”

“Then the lands in Innisborough are yeres. But ye are forgetting I may not lose, in which case, my debt is paid and my lands remain mine.”

Litonshire clenched his jaw in aggravation, a muscle ticking. “We’ll see, won’t we?”

By Michelle

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